Parkerville Spring Forward Kids Fun Run
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26 Oct 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
144Casey SPRATLING00:01:49Under 71Male1Kinross3:38 min/km
28Kaitlyn BARNETT00:01:52Under 71Female1amaroo primary school3:45 min/km
327Daniel HOLT-BROWN00:01:53Under 72Male2Poynter Primary3:47 min/km
439Aidan POULTON00:01:55Under 73Male3Kinross3:50 min/km
54Thomas ARNOLD00:01:56Under 74Male4 3:53 min/km
660Noah BAILEY00:01:58Under 75Male5 3:56 min/km
734Taj MARSHALL00:02:02Under 76Male6kinross primary school4:04 min/km
819Drew CLARKE00:02:07Under 77Male7South Coast Baptist College4:14 min/km
9120Cameron BOWMAN00:02:07Under 78Male8 4:15 min/km
1058Xavier SITA00:02:11Under 79Male9St Emilies catholic primary school4:22 min/km
119Christopher BERG00:02:11Under 710Male10Christ Church Grammar School4:23 min/km
1229Harry JENKINS00:02:14Under 711Male11St Peters Primary Bedford4:28 min/km
1336Maxwell MATUSIK00:02:14Under 712Male12St Peters Bedford4:29 min/km
1459Matthew STONER00:02:16Under 713Male13South Perth Primary School4:32 min/km
1532Caleb LEWIS00:02:19Under 714Male14redcliffe p.s4:38 min/km
1649Ethan VLAHOS00:02:22Under 715Male15St Peter's Primary School4:44 min/km
1715Monique CARUSO00:02:22Under 72Female2Penrhos College4:45 min/km
18124Bella CHALMERS00:02:24Under 73Female3Swan View Primary4:49 min/km
196Cassia AUDEYEV00:02:26Under 74Female4Penrhos College4:52 min/km
2067Dane HORE00:02:26Under 716Male16 4:53 min/km
2161Natasha GRECO00:02:26Under 75Female5 4:53 min/km
2223Tahlia DE KOK00:02:27Under 76Female6Divine Mercy College4:55 min/km
2310Jessica BERLINGERI00:02:31Under 77Female7Iona5:03 min/km
2424Monique EVA00:02:32Under 78Female8St Peters Primary School Bedford5:04 min/km
2550Tarni WALKER00:02:33Under 79Female9Ellenbrook Primary5:07 min/km
262Amy ALLEN00:02:34Under 710Female10St peters5:08 min/km
2755Elena FRANK00:02:35Under 711Female11Floreat Park Primary School5:10 min/km
2845Linkoln TERPOU00:02:36Under 717Male17Yanchep Primary5:12 min/km
2943Elose SMART00:02:38Under 712Female12All Saints College5:16 min/km
3048Lily VERGE00:02:38Under 713Female13Lake Joondalup Baptist College5:16 min/km
317Charlotte BAILEY00:02:38Under 714Female14All Saints College5:16 min/km
3251Georgia WESTERN00:02:41Under 715Female15 5:22 min/km
3340Daniela SAN MARTIN00:02:43Under 716Female16South Perth Primary School5:26 min/km
3413Oliver BUDAS00:02:45Under 718Male18Our Lady of Grace5:30 min/km
3538Christian ODORISIO00:02:45Under 719Male19Wesley college5:31 min/km
3625Blake FERGUSON00:02:46Under 720Male20Subiaco5:32 min/km
3733Elaina LYON00:02:46Under 717Female17Neerigen5:33 min/km
383Scotty ARMSTRONG00:02:48Under 721Male21John xxiii college5:36 min/km
3953Katelyn YATES00:02:52Under 718Female18St Peters Primary Bedford5:45 min/km
4022Zac DALLIMORE00:02:53Under 722Male22All Saints' College5:46 min/km
4152Tyler WHEELER00:03:01Under 723Male23All Saints College6:03 min/km
4235Macie MARTIN00:03:02Under 719Female19St Peters Primary School6:05 min/km
4314Frances BUDRIKIS00:03:12Under 720Female20Beehive Montessori6:24 min/km
4468Stephanie MASARYK00:03:21Under 721Female21All Saints College6:43 min/km
4512Ruby BRIGGS-DYER00:03:27Under 722Female22Holy Cross College6:54 min/km
4618Benjamin CHOY00:03:51Under 724Male24Wesley college7:43 min/km
4746Nekiya TERPOU00:18:24Under 723Female23Yanchep Primary36:48 min/km
5Asha AUDEYEVNot startedUnder 7FemalePenrhos College min/km
11Charlotte BONIFACENot startedUnder 7FemaleWesley college min/km
16Matia CHALMERSNot startedUnder 7FemaleSwan View Primary min/km
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